Koke no musumade


I recently went to a Nezu museum directly opposite the gallery.
It is a garden where you can forget that you are in the middle of the city.



You can enjoy the fusion of artificially landscaped beauty and nature.
What is common to all the pictures is moss.
Moss is sung in our national anthem.
A long time grows moss.




In the exhibition of pottery on the second floor, I liked Setoguro Chawan,
Bizen (gourd) Furidashi and Egourai Tokkuri.

Exhibition of next room “Kosode Kimono Clippings” was wonderful (Limited time display).

It goes without saying that the most amazing exhibition in this museum is bronze ware.
(It is a permanent exhibit.)




Hakeme = Brush marks
Although it is pottery of Korean style,I think that our sense of enjoying it is very Japanese.
Exhibition / Hiomi TAKESUE / from September 29



Bizen Ozara / Size(cm)W47-H8.5

Tomoyuki Oiwa